Village of Agency

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Tax Levy Ordinance
Ordinance #1: Nuisance Abatement
Ordinance #2: Providing for General Penalties for Ordinance Violations
Ordinance #4: Adopting Chapter 300 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri as the Model Traffic Ordinance of the Village
Ordinance #5: Providing for the Hearing and Determination of Violations of Municipal Ordinance by Associate Circuit Court of Buchanan County
Ordinance #7: Authorizing Aquila and /or its successors to supply streetlights to the Village of Agency
Ordinance #8: Zoning Ordinance of the Village of Agency
Ordinance #9: Granting a Franchise to Ferrellview Cablevision and its successor to own, operate, maintain and manage a community television system.
Ordinance #11: Ordinance rescinding Ordinance #6
Ordinance #12A: Ordinance reaffirming, Reenacting, Restating and Amending previously passed Ordinance #12 Pertaining to the Village of Agency's Licensing & Regulation of Dogs and Cats
Ordinance #15: Authorizing the dedication, Acceptance and maintenance of public street known as Quail Ridge Drive, Agency, Missouri
Ordinance #16: Amending the Village of Agency's zoning map
Ordinance #17: Ordinance to enter into a contract with the City of St. Joseph, MO to provide on-site sewage disposal system inspections for the Village of Agency
Ordinance #20: Ordinance Annexing a Certain Adjacent Unincorporated area into the Village of Agency
Ordinance #20-1: Ordinance correcting, renewing and readopting Ordinance #20 
Ordinance #21: Ordinance setting forth a rental payment to be paid by all persons as defined in this ordinance to KCPL
Ordinance #21-1: Ordinance authorizing KCPL to install and maintain streetlights in the annexed area as described in 
Ordinance #22: Ordinance to grant KCPL a franchise to operate in the Village of Agency 
Ordinance #26: Ordinance to redefine the Speed Limits and parking restrictions with the Village of Agency, including 4-wheelers
Ordinance #27: Ordinance of the Village of Agency, Missouri to establish requirements for keeping a load secured on a vehicle.
Ordinance # 28: Ordinance to Annex a particular area of land into the corporate limits of the Village  (Reece property and a portion of land owned by Sidney and Jean Johnson)
Ordinance #29-1: Ordinance to establish rules of use the recycle bin, and penalties for breaking such rules
Ordinance #31: Ordinance for Election (Annexation Election) 
​Ordinance #32: Ordinance for SB 593 Vote
Ordinance #33: Ordinance Establishing the Clerk's Duties, Work Hours and Compensation
Ordinance #35: Ordinance Authorizing the Chairman of the Board or Trustees to enter into an agreement with owners of 106 Main St. for the Village to purchase said property for $1,000.00 plus O&E and Closing Costs.
Ordinance #36: Ordinance to Provide a just, Equitable and Practicable method for repairing, Vacation or demolition of Building or structures that may endanger the life, limb, health, property, safety or  welfare of the occupants of such buildings or the general public.
Ordinance #38: Ordinance authorizing the chairman of the Board of Trustees to enter into an agreement with Buchanan County  and appoint Ron Martin, Environmental Inspector, to preform various inspections as listed within.
Ordinance #41: Ordinance Establishing a Policy for competitive bidding and rules for purchasing supplies and equipment for the Village of Agency, Missouri                                                   
Ordinance #43: Ordinance appointing records custodian and adopting a sunshine law policy for the Village of Agency, Missouri
Ordinance #48: Ordinance adopting trustees will receive $50 stipend for each monthly meeting attended to be paid quarterly.
Ordinance #50: Ordinance adopting community requests to be on agenda
Ordinance #51: Ordinance Entering into Sub-Grant agreement with Mo-Kan  to  remove 3 underground storage tanks.
Ordinance #54: Having a cow in the Village limits
Ordinance #55:Ordinance approving a minimum tree regulation
Ordinance #56: Village Burn Ordinance
Ordinance #61: Ordinance approving the extension of the corporate city limits
Ordinance #65: Ordinance approving an election for the purpose of submitting to the qualified voters of the Village of Agency a
proposition for the adoption of the provisions of section 115.124.1, rsmo